Jae-Hyun Yoo | Intro

Artist, lives and works in Berlin and Seoul

"In 1996, I was stationed as a soldier on the border between the two Koreas," records the artist Jae-Hyun Yoo, who grew up in South Korea. "Nothing actually happens there, because between the border posts of the two countries there is a barbed-wire fence and eight kilometres of minefields. Once, however, a North Korean managed to overcome these deadly barriers and reached our post, totally out of breath. From that point in time on I wanted to discover what borders actually are."
Quotation from "Wenn Fremdsein zur Kunst wird" ("When being foreign becomes art") by Jessica Zeller, TAZ, 15 March, 2008

In his artistic work, Jae-Hyun Yoo is concerned with the overall theme of borders and of border-crossing in the sense of an "open identity". He approaches this ongoing argument with the topic of cultural and national borders from the point of view of a "border-crosser" or "trans-border commuter". As a border-commuter he defines border-crossing as the opportunity to take on an unbounded identity and to explore how this experience can lead on to a transcultural society in which all can participate, no matter what national culture they originate from. In this quest, he inquires into current socio-political transformation processes as regards the ascriptions of identity involved and the categorization into national citizens and "foreigners".
In many of his artistic works he casts a critical eye over his former assignment of keeping watch on the South Korean border during his period of state military service.
Transcending Borders in Thought
On the Work of the German-Korean Artist Jae-Hyun Yoo

Text by Leonie Baumann

Jae-Hyun Yoo has crossed borders in the physical sense and has encountered borders in the psychological sense. It is this experience that sets him observing life and distilling its essence so as to use his artistic works to de-stabilize intellectual constructs, which in this process ideally become increasingly involved and intricate. Just as Jae-Hyun Yoo himself, so also those who study his work and concern themselves with his projects are to gain practice in not taking anything as a given, in viewing everything from all sides, and in so re-assembling knowledge anew. For Jae-Hyun Yoo, our supposed reality, composed of information received and sightings made, remains a _white, vacant blank_ until – via many changes of position, by listening to the voices of those involved, and by involving himself in the multiplicity of their experience of life and their hopes for life – he has achieved a many-layered perspective and picture. Only then can he approach a subject, the approach immediately casting up further questions.

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Transcending Borders in Thought | Text by Leonie Baumann on the work of Jae-Hyun Yoo, Berlin, August 2010
Jae-Hyun Yoo | Vita

Artist, lives and works in Berlin and Seoul

Education, Scholars, Awards
Arts Council Korea, Grant for international exchange of arts and culture
Webpage Scholarship for Fine Art by the Senat Berlin, Berlin;
Travel Scholar by the Institute of foreign relation (ifa) to South-Korea for the group project
"Global Playground" and Artist in Resident at the Gyeonggi Creation Center/South-Korea
Projektförderung im Bereich Bildende Kunst durch die Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Berlin
Projektförderung durch das Arts Council Korea
Projektförderung durch das Arts Council Korea
Preisträger der Kurt Eisner Kulturstiftung München
Meisterschüler bei Prof. Katharina Sieverding, Universität der Künste, Berlin / DAAD Stipendium (2006)
Initiator der internationale KünstlerInnengruppe „Global Alien"
Studium der Medienkunst bei Prof. Katharina Sieverding, Universität der Künste, Berlin / DAAD Stipendium (2005)
University of New South Wales, Sydney/Australien mit dem NICA Austausch Student Programm
5th Ssamzie Space International Artist Residence Program, Seoul/Südkorea
B.F.A, Bildende Kunst und Philosophie, Sungkyunkwan Universität, Seoul/Südkorea

Tätigkeiten im kulturellen Bereich
"Shared.Divided.United: Deutschland-Korea"
ein Ausstellungsprojekt über Migrationsbewegungen im Kalten Krieg der NGBK Berlin (künstlerischer Leiter)
2008 und 2009
"Korientation e.V.: Koreanische MigrantInnen in Deutschland",
Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin und Universität Bonn (Mitorganisator der Konferenzen)
2007 und 2008
"Yellow Press: Kimchi auf Butterbrot",
Zeitungsprojekt zur koreanischen Migration in Deutschland
"homeless global watch" Art-press Programm, Berlin, Deutschland
Jae-Hyun Yoo | shows

shows, screenings, Actions (selection)
"Global Alien: Homeland Security" Performance im Rahmen von "Step toward Home", Dam Stuhltrager Galerie Berlin
"Staging The Border", Arttransponder, Berlin
"Shared.Divided.United", NGBK Berlin, (Standort GfKFB, network for artistic research)
"Shared.Divided.United", Kunstverein Hildesheim
"Log-In", Okgwa Art Museum, Jeollanamdo/Südkorea
"Global Alien: Power of Spoken Words", Mollepark in Arhus und Galerie Rum46, Arhus/Dänemark
"Alternative-Art-Fair", Istanbul
"Die Figuren des Insularen", Peng! Raum für Kunst, Mannheim (Standort: Universität Mannheim)
"Global Alien: Congress of Culture", Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin
"Videoscreening", Berlinische Galerie, Berlin
"Global Alien: Freedom of Speech", Ssamziespace, Seoul/Südkorea
"Global Alien: Die Norm des Menschen", Meinblau Galerie, Berlin
"Videoscreening", WestGermany, Berlin
"Exit", Hauptsaal, Universität der Künste Berlin
"Videoscreening", Rahmenprogramm , 2. Berliner Kunst Salon, Arena, Berlin
"Grenzgänger", Raum 226, Universität der Künste Berlin
"Interstation", Kudos Gallery, Sydney/Australien
"House", Gangnam, Seoul/Südkorea
"Open Studio Exhibition", Ssamzie Space, Seoul/Südkorea
"Klasse Sieverding", Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
"Blind Love", Factory Art Festival, Changdong, Seoul/Südkorea

"Grenzraum aktiver Zwischenraum" Kunsthaus Hamburg
"DMZ Botschaft" Kunstverein Hildesheim
"DMZ Botschaft" b_books Verlag und Buchladen, Berlin
"Get together: Teamwork statt Splendid Isolation", Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin
Jae-Hyun Yoo | Publications

Own Publications
"Global Alien: The Power of Spoken Words"
Hg.: Global Alien, Berlin, 2010
"DMZ Botschaft: Grenzraum aktiver Zwischenraum"
Hg.: Farida Heuck und Jae-Hyun Yoo, b_books Verlag, Berlin, 2009
Hg.: NGBK, Berlin, 2009
"Global Alien 1-3"
Hg.: Jae-Hyun Yoo, Traktor Verlag Berlin, 2008

Press and Contribution (selection)
"DMZ Botschaft", Beitrag in Kulturrisse 0110, Wien 2010 (S.52 ff.)
"DMZ Botschaft: Grenzraum aktiver Zwischenraum"
Beitrag in: Koreaforum 1+2/2009, Korea Kommunikations- und Forschungszentrum, Berlin 2009 (S.39 ff.)
"Shared.Divided.United", Hg.: NGBK, Berlin, 2009 (Beitrag: DMZ Botschaft, S.196 ff.)
Michael Hauffen: "Shared.Divided.United. Deutschland-Korea: Migrationsbewegungen im Kalten Krieg" (S.237 ff.),
Kunstforum International Band 200, 2009
Benno Schirrmeister: "Falscher Tee für Kim Jong Il", TAZ Kultur vom 8.12.2009
Meike Jansen: "Kunstrundgang – Meike Jansen schaut sich in den Galerien um", TAZ vom 12.03.2008
Jessica Zeller: "Wenn Fremdsein zur Kunst wird", TAZ vom 15.03.2008
Vera Yu: "Sie sind unter uns", Berliner Gazette, 02.04.2008
RTV News: "Global Migrant", Koreanische Fernsehsendung vom 07.04.2008
Karin Hindsbo: "Kulturelle Cocktails"
Ojeblikket - Dänisches Kunstmagazin Nr. 48, S. 43 ff, Sommer 2007
In-Sook Lee: "Visiting Broadcasting Station from Alien"
Paper - Koreanisches Kulturmagazin, Vol. 138, S.100 ff, Mai 2007